Here are some of my Beatles faves.

It's been 50 years since the Beatles performed at Busch Stadium. These guys wrote some really great music, and I am playing (destroying?) some of it here.

Sexy SadieWill keep adding more, so come back often and check out the tunes. Starting out with "When I'm 64", which I am retitling "When I'm 84", as I will be there in a few years.

Also "Sexy Sadie", in honor of our dog, Sadie. These are both first takes and might be a little rough, will put on improved tracks later, along with a bunch of other Beatles' songs. Well, okay, put on two more, but too lazy to redo the first ones - later...



Beatles at BuschMy friend, Mark Richman, was a free lance photographer in an earlier life, and he shot some great color pix at the 1966 concert at Busch II. Check out these and the commemorative montage at The pix at the left are cropped out of some of the shots.

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